Who We Are

We are a group of passionate marketers, digital specialists, designers, writers and business strategists who are here to propel your practice forward. Today practices and business need to be able to change or pivot to adapt and transform to a changing business climate. You need a team behind you to be able to do the same.

The team at SMG has years of experience and knowledge and we are looking forward to working with you to set the stage for business growth.


Leeh Hardy

Partner and Chief Alignment Officer

As a Partner at Specialist Marketing Group, my title is “Chief Alignment Officer'', which puts me somewhere between a Professional Coach and Finance Guru. In this role, I not only manage the finances, but also make sure the partners and clients’ business plans align with their budgets and goals. They get the clarity needed to make better business decisions, delivered with the highest level of trust and compassion.

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Brian Maier

Partner and Director of Media Strategy

It’s very important to me to set a positive tone and encourage others forward to achieve their victories. How I put this to work with our team is by focusing on understanding people’s unique situations. All these challenges fuel me to be more creative and focused as I create media plans and strategies.

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Paul Jordan

Partner and Creative Services Director

As a Partner at Specialist Marketing Group, I drive the strategy around our client's branding. I get to work personally with our clients to first discover who they are in their practice or team. Then, I manage the creative direction with our awesome team of designers, videographers, webmasters, and wordsmiths.

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Nathan Kauffman


My vision in business is to create spaces for entrepreneurs of all types to crystalize their vision with a great strategy, and be there to help them put together the right team for the job.

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