Brian Maier

Partner and Director of Media Strategy

My Vision

I’m here to make a difference with everything my experiences have given me. While many are taking shortcuts and following fads in business, what I enjoy is creating a taking the long road and doing the right thing.

The Role That I Play:

It’s very important to me to set a positive tone and encourage others forward to achieve their victories. How I put this to work with our team is by focusing on understanding people’s unique situations. All these challenges fuel me to be more creative and focused as I create media plans and strategies.

Practicality and driving results are my main currencies, and with over 20 years in the media industry, I’ve become nearly obsessed with rooting out the good, the bad and the ugly from all the noise. The ultimate goal is offering forward-thinking effective recommendations and strategies. It begins with a proper understanding of a client; their local market, their speciality, their practice and business. I bring this to our team and clients every time we approach a project.

Who I am in this World:

I’ve developed marketing strategies and executed media tactics within key industries including pharmaceutical and healthcare, consumer electronics, cosmetics, and automotive. My portfolio includes work for Allergan, NeurogesX, Genentech, TiVo, Kia Motors, Dish Network, Frontier Communications, the Kennedy Space Center and more. My extensive digital media background has taught me to plan sophisticated solutions for clients, combining data insights and smart strategy.

I have served in multiple leadership roles including digital sales manager, director of advertising, senior account executive and regional account executive for agencies and publications across the country, leading sales teams in broadcast and digital advertising, print, and digital communications. Active with the New York State Broadcast Association, I served as a Moderator at their Digital Leadership Academy.

Highlights and other thoughts:

Real estate investing and home renovations are my “side hustle”. Every couple years I buy, renovate, and sell my home. When I hear the term,” forever home” I can’t relate. Currently, I’m living in/working on my fifth home. It’s a 1984 Homearama model and its unique architecture is best described as ski-lodge-esque.

Two of my favorite people are my dogs, Ruby (Flat Coated Retriever) and Barli (Bernese Mountain Dog). Barli is the German word for little bear. He’s recently joined our pack and at only nine weeks old he weighs 33lbs and his paws are already larger than Ruby’s. He’s not going to be a little bear for much longer.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Management Science from State University of New York at Geneseo
  • MBA in Sales and Marketing Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology

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