Leeh Hardy

Partner and Chief Alignment Officer

My Vision

In life is to assist individuals and business owners to become present and aware of who they are and how that is playing out in their lives.

My personal quest in this began as a child when I realized that everything in life is connected and how important it is. Appreciating these connections helps me live a balanced, abundant and ecstatic existence.

The Role That I Play:

As a Partner at Specialist Marketing Group, my title is “Chief Alignment Officer'', which puts me somewhere between a Professional Coach and Finance Guru. In this role, I not only manage the finances, but also make sure the partners and clients’ business plans align with their budgets and goals. They get the clarity needed to make better business decisions, delivered with the highest level of trust and compassion.

Over the last 30 years I have been working with clients and small businesses from all aspects of life, allowing me to explore both the practical and spiritual side of my essence. I have had the privilege of walking with folks on part of their life journey and seeing the amazing results as they let go of attachments and judgements, to find their connection to the whole and experience themselves fully.

My experience has been formed from a combination of living life, work experience, college for business management and photography, certifications in various healing arts modalities, including but not limited to - Shamanic Practices, Ecotherapy, Cell Memory and studying with amazing wisdom keepers.

This journey has led me to expand my worldview and develop a deep connection with nature, the earth and the spiritual aspects of living, leading me to work with businesses in what could be considered the Western way of thinking, as well as individuals in the healing arts: creating awareness and finding the “who I am” in their lives. The goal for all is to become aware of the body, soul and mind of their business.

Who I am in this World:

I have become a woman of wisdom and freedom. My core values are impeccability and conscious awareness with all whom I cross paths.

My family includes my partner, Ron, 3 Dogs - Arrow, Poppy and Zane, 2 Cats - Eli and Skitters and 2 Birds - Poco and Pila. I love to dance, create art, be in nature, live in wild abandonment and laugh! Yoga, meditation, QiGong, self journeying and holistic health all play a large role in my life and come into play in my business to help me stay grounded, and be present in the moment. A strong, practical side balances the creative and somewhat wild side of my nature. I use the practical side of nature to assist others in creating practices that will work with their lives and the things that bring them joy, love and peace.

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