Nathan Kauffman


My Vision

My vision in business is to create spaces for entrepreneurs of all types to crystalize their vision with a great strategy, and be there to help them put together the right team for the job.

I believe the adage “few great things begin with a lot of fanfare, but usually with a small, dedicated team of visionaries who believe in their dreams.” I want my life to be about finding those people in business and bringing them together.

The Roles that I Play: (What I do)

The scene in movies where the dream team gets together for the big job… that’s basically what I get to be part of! My role is to set the strategic vision for our group, and work with the leaders on what’s needed for the journey. I’ll do anything for the team, clients, and supporting partners. Keeping us on the same page as we work towards our unified goals is what matters most to me.

Who I am in this World:

A visionary dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs; My values are support, loyalty, joy and dedication.

I’ve always wanted to create the space for others to thrive. Starting my marketing career in media sales, I first learned the ins-and-outs of sales in the media & publishing world right as the digital transition was heating up. Being there from the early days of digital marketing and advertising, I’ve enjoyed being part of and thriving during that massive digital transition. Beginning in 2015 I started my first agency with the concept of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to learn the start-up world firsthand with dozens of amazing leaders. Together we’ve raised capital, built niche marketing teams, supported non-profits, and created a community around the world! Being part of this has allowed me to be part of over 15 startups /small businesses. Nothing brings me more excitement or joy than seeing the progress of those teams.

That’s who I want to be, continuing to help entrepreneurs through my skills and abilities.