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  • Communicate and define the identity of your practice through branding. Let us guide you through building a brand that sets your practice apart. 

    • Branding defines your image and tells customers what you do and who you are. So what is your brand? It's not merely a collection of logos and colors. Branding is an important communication tool to share with others your identity and the heart and soul of your business. A brand strategy and its execution are carefully designed to tell the story of who you are and what you do. It can even communicate the culture and values of your business. 

    • We will design the look and feel of your brand and build a Brand Book. This is a guide which sets the standards for your brand containing your approved fonts, images, logos, colors, and outlines their uses. This is your ‘rudder’ that steers consistency for your brand. 

    • Additionally, we elevate your brand by designing items like email signatures, business cards, sales or informational flyers, PowerPoints templates, infographics, social media posts, profile headers and others.  

  • Branding may include the following:
  • Brand Books
  • Business Collaterals - Forms, Brochures, Email Signatures, Business Cards, PowerPoint Templates, Sales Materials, Promotional Print or Digital Materials 
  • Infographics
  • Video and Photo Production
  • Ad Production - Images and Copy Writing for Digital, Social or Traditional Media 
  • Trades how Assets - Signage, Banners, Booth Dressings 


  • First impressions matter. New patients will judge your practice based on your website, and not only by the content (how you tell your story) but also the design (function, look and tone) of your website. Does your website accurately represent your practice and tell your story?

    • The way people find your business/practice has changed. Patients are savvy and often more critical than ever before. Beyond who you are and where you are located, patients are looking for accreditations, content sharing your knowledge/experience in your field, positive reviews or testimonials - all of the benefits of choosing your practice. 

    • Designed beautifully and function logically. The majority of internet searches are conducted on mobile devices. Therefore, your website must be easily viewed and function logically on them. At SMG we work with you to design an outstanding website that is visually appealing and easy to use on mobile devices. Stand out against your competition and tell your story to the world, SMG will set you up for web success.  

  • Website Strategy and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo and Video Production
  • Content Writing 
  • Hosting
  • Yext Online Directory Services


  • Search Optimization
    • Merely having a website is not enough. A common problem is when a website is launched without an active/ongoing plan for getting found through internet searches. It's like owning a car with no gas in the tank.
    • SEO/SEM is necessary for patients to find your website. These will improve your ranking with search engines and drive traffic to your website. 
    • We employ the most advanced technology to improve your ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages), for both paid (SEM) and organic results (SEO). Through our partnership with Yext, we scour the internet and get your practice listed on over 100 online directories. 


Marketing Strategy

Where is your business going? An action plan to elevate your practice attracting new patients and growing your business. (learn more) 

  • Informed by research relevant to your speciality, your market area and your business, our marketing strategies achieve your goals by emerging opportunities and finding unexpected value. Let us develop your marketing strategy and move your business forward. 

Digital Advertising

  • Create awareness and drive new business. Digital Advertising offers highly-sophisticated targeting, scalable budgets, and measurable results. (learn more)
  • Digital advertising campaigns accomplish a variety of objectives, such as building awareness of your practice, attracting new patients, or introducing a new speciality. Digital advertising tactics span multiple channels, such as email, video ads, display and mobile ads, social media ads and more. Campaigns are data-driven and offer real-time campaign performance and optimization.  

Social Media 

  • It’s all about you, but you don't have to go at it alone . For many, Social Media is an exhausting time-consuming chore. We collaborate with clients to create thought-provoking posts that get noticed. (learn more)

  • Don't be bogged down by the minutiae of Social Media. SMG will simplify the process starting with developing a strategy based on your goals and introducing you to tools designed to help your team “be social” more effectively and with less stress. 

    • We will help you answer the following:

      • Where should I focus?

      • What types of things should be posted?

      • Which platforms matter?

      • How often should I post?

      • What ways can I get people interacting with me?

  • We produce custom content and build eye-catching images and graphics to get your practice noticed. Your social media is organized and deployed through a mutually agreed upon content calendar. We create new or work with existing accounts and launch a Google “my business account” for you to review the progress. 

  • We help you post the most relevant and thoughtful content on the best platforms and achieve the maximum traction.

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