Paul Jordan

Partner and Creative Services Director

My Vision

Many entrepreneurs have a hard time telling their story - I’m here to help them do that. My vision is all about turning my client’s vision into reality, and this process gives me a great deal of joy.

The Roles that I Play: (What I do)

As a Partner at Specialist Marketing Group, I drive the strategy around our client's branding. I get to work personally with our clients to first discover who they are in their practice or team. Then, I manage the creative direction with our awesome team of designers, videographers, webmasters, and wordsmiths.

The “little things” in my clients' businesses (which are often overlooked) are key to me. I enjoy getting into the weeds with them to understand their products/services and their competitive advantage. With this knowledge, I can successfully guide their creative needs and set them up for success.

Who I am in this World:

My experiences give me the ability to guide thoughtful “real-world” perspectives. Born, raised, and educated in Western New York, I grew up with an interest in everything from art, golf and ski lessons to classes at a history museum. Every time I went somewhere or took a course, I realized how much I loved to learn. As a result, I like to be known as the go-to problem-solver for my friends, colleagues, clients, regardless of the circumstance.

My journey into design, innovation, and the creative process started in the gourmet food industry working for a food mail order and retail chain. Working with products from around the world I was amazed by their unique branding and marketing.

I’ve been fortunate to have learned the meaning of great branding, design, and messaging from a variety of successful businesses in these fields. I’ve worked in a diverse range of industries, including retail gifts, educational software, supermarket design, gourmet housewares, gourmet retail, golf, hockey OEM sourcing, STEM education kits, cloud storage, housewares, coffee, and more. Each step, project, and product launch has taught me to see the big picture, not just the details.